A little bit about Aisle to Table

My first blog post… I thought it only appropriate to tell you about my story and how this blog came about.


I’m 27, living in Connecticut. I grew up in New York and graduated from Iona College. I currently work at a Staffing Firm in Norwalk, CT, and work a typical 8-5:30 day.

Growing up, I was always athletic and in great shape.. call me “skinny” if you will. I started dancing when I was 8, and continued until I went away to college. Fast foward two years, through the parties, the awful 3am diner food, late nights, lack of sleep and overworking myself, I find myself at the doctor, diganosed with Hypothyroidism and High Cholesterol and 3 new prescriptions.

Fast forward another 7 years. To quickly catch you up to speed- I worked 3 jobs while maintaining a full class schedule. I bartended on Wednesday and Thursday, waitressed on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and worked in the Athletics office on Campus Monday through Friday. I was going out after work, which meant not getting to the bar until 11pm and staying out until 2/3am.. not exactly the prime intro to my mid 20’s. In this timeframe, I met my now boyfriend of 5 years. We got comfortable, as most couples do, and I didn’t realize how unhealthy we were both eating until we moved in together last year.

My 2017 goal.. not resolution.. was to get back in shape and get fit. I joined Weight Watchers in January, started really monitoring my meals and have been working out 5/6 times per week. I hope this blog serves as inspiration to others who have been “stuck” for a few weeks, months, years.. those who don’t think they’re “fat” or overweight, but just know they need to get back on track. Follow me on my journey to a healthier life.



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